Picture it ...

On a beautiful spring day Memorial Day Weekend 2018, a gorgeous bride overlooks 3 blaring red flags to head down the aisle to live "happily ever after."

She realized wasn't a thing happy about the craziness she was living and ran straight back to the one place she should have never left, THE ARMS OF THE FATHER! Her journey of her and Jesus produced the 3 books you see here.

Hey There!!! I'm Takhia and the "she" above is me!! God wastes nothing. While I walked into an abusive relationship-situationship-marriage, I am so glad He came to carry me out. And now, I use the gifts He gave me to

help others.

My author journey started writing for anthologies. Each time I wrote I revealed

a different part of my story. This work is a compilation of many of those chapters and a few other pieces from the files of The Ready Write-Her! All showcasing the lessons learned while in what I now know was the Refiner's Fire.

Through the years of a relationship turned situationship, even with the doubts and everything else, there was still a wedding. However, matrimony was not holy and there was a lot to learn about what was going on. I Married Him Now What explains what you may be dealing with in your home on a daily basis, while leading you to the answer of your own "Now what?"

The wedding is long gone, the marriage has ended, I'm out of harm's way but why am I still making these random decisions? Survival mode is a safety mechanism created by our brains to deal with traumatic and dramatic situations. However, it is not meant to be a permanent headspace. Each chapter walks the reader through the journey of self-forgiveness and recreating their new normal


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